We are devoted to your health.

Every body is welcome.

The Best Thing About Keahi Health Are Our Patients

We get to have meaningful relationships with them in and outside of the clinic. In the classical Chinese literature from 5,000 years ago, we learn that we are meant to be your acupuncturists for life. And we truly get to be. We’ve witnessed our patient’s weddings, celebrated their birthdays, and sang at their Christmas parties. And for all this we are truly grateful.

We Are Inspired Daily By Our Patients’ Strength

They come to us to help get them out of pain, relieve their stress, and ease their digestion. But because we get to have such a strong bond with our patients, we also get to see them as whole people. With pets. With kids. With vacations to look forward to in the future. Or with losses and failures. We hold this precious space for them to laugh and cry, or even shout. It’s all welcome here.

We Got You

We are comfortable in our skin and we want you to be, too.

We want this to be your sanctuary, where you can just “be”.

Everybody is welcome here.

We got you.

What Our Patients Say About Keahi

I have never had acupuncture before because I always thought it was for treating pain. When I found out acupuncture can help other problems such as hormonal, digestive issues and insomnia, I plucked up the courage to go see Karly. I explained to her that I was battling to fall asleep as my mind just wouldn’t shutdown at night. She put me completely at ease and carried out a treatment for insomnia. It was extremely relaxing, to my surprise, and I immediately felt calm, relaxed, and sleepy! To say the least I slept like a log for the next week and felt completely rested and recharged. I no longer have a problem falling asleep and thanks to Karly I love my sleep!

– Stacy Shea

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