The Keahi Team

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We don’t just work here.

We live here, too.

Our kids go to school here, we get to listen to the summer concerts in the park, and we enjoy the natural beauty of this city. We love being able to create community in the place that we live and work.

Meet Our Team


Meet Karly

Karly Bannister, Dipl.OM, MAcOM, LAc Founder, Keahi Health I’ve now been practicing in Lake Oswego for 10 years. I’ve learned a lot. I’ve made all of the mistakes. I’ve worked with all kinds of people with all kinds of needs. I still love it. Even though I have [...]


Meet Kristine

Kristine Roy, CHHC, AADP I am a modern-day medicine woman with a deep belief in the curative power of nature and a passion for traditional healing practices and folk medicine. Specializing in women’s health (with an emphasis on the childbearing years), my mission is to facilitate truly holistic healing [...]


Meet Trina

Trina Lee, EFT Practitioner Trina Lee is a Certified EFT Practitioner who has spent more than a decade on an intense quest to live a healthier life. Having gone through infertility struggles and then being blindsided with breast cancer in her early 30's, she now understands how much our [...]


Meet Jessica

Jessica Carnevale I arrived in Lake Oswego in the Winter of '16-'17 with two dogs and as many musical instruments as I could fit in my car! In my work at Keahi, I draw on skills cultivated through my experience in customer service, as a writer and editor for Editions Musica [...]