Karly Bannister, Dipl.OM, MAcOM, LAc

Founder, Keahi Health

I’ve now been practicing in Lake Oswego for 10 years. I’ve learned a lot. I’ve made all of the mistakes. I’ve worked with all kinds of people with all kinds of needs. I still love it. Even though I have an adorable and spunky daughter at home, I still love it. Even though I have a sweet and lovable puppy at home, I still love it. This is my happy place.

Why do I do this? I’ve been asked this so many times. My quick answer is, “aren’t you glad that I do?” A more honest look will tell you that I just want to help people and be useful and acupuncture is the best way for me to do that. I also think that my patients know that I get a lot out of helping them. Yep, they’ve figured me out.

Some of you already know my story. I was a sick kid with asthma and allergies. I wanted to be like Jackie Joyner-Kersey. I mean, I set realistic goals, too. Like running outside and playing sports. But nothing was working. I was best friends with my pediatrician and allergist.

So, I got acupuncture. I still used my inhaler. But I got acupuncture and it helped. After graduating with too many degrees, I realized that I needed to help people directly. So, I threw myself into acupuncture school. If I had known how demanding it was going to be, I might not have done it. Then, I sent myself to China. I made myself practice acupuncture on a cruise ship for 9 months. I saw 1,200 patients in 9 months. I call it “acupuncture boot camp.” I ran out of needles. I came back to Oregon. I practiced out of my home. I started seeing friends and family. I rented a room in a massage office. Then I started seeing friends of friends and friends of family. I had to expand so rented two rooms in a chiropractic clinic. I sent myself to China again. Then I got my own space. Now I see friends of friends of friends. And now I have too “patient/friends” to count. I hope that you’ll choose to be one, too.

And, here we are. 10 years and over 10,000 treatments later. I have the best job. I get to be your acupuncturist for life. I get to help you meet your health goals. I get to help quell your pain. Manage your weight. Forget about your stress. Get your kid to focus in school. I get to go to your weddings, baby showers, Christmas parties. I get to be an integral part of your life and share mine with you. This is more than a career for me; this is my calling. Thank you for being part of this journey with me.

My Training

My interest in Chinese Medicine began as a child when I heard stories of my great-grandfather’s extensive Chinese medical collection. Interest grew into passion with my first acupuncture treatment at the age of 14. I remember being surprised that after years of unsuccessful conventional medical treatments for my asthma and allergies, my acupuncturist not only was able to resolve my conditions, she treated me as a whole person. Only later did I realize that this was a main pillar of Chinese Medicine, holistic care.

I graduated from the Robert D. Clark Honors College at the University of Oregon. Shortly after graduation, I discovered through personal experiences, that health is our most important asset and realized that Chinese medicine was my life’s path. With this knowledge and the positive results I experienced as an acupuncture patient, I sought out a Master’s degree in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (MAcOM) from the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine (OCOM) in Portland.

While in my second year of study, I was asked to work in the private practice of Dr. Hong Jin, a nationally recognized Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) expert in women’s health and dermatology and Dean of Chinese Medicine at OCOM. As an intern at OCOM, I began working at the Oregon Health Sciences University in the department of Integrative Family Medicine. Working alongside medical doctors and nurses, I was able to collaborate on the treatment of diseases such as cancer, musculoskeletal pain, gynecology and obstetrics, and weight management. I also worked at the Central City Concern Drug and Alcohol Detoxification Clinic, treating patients in a group-treatment acupuncture setting.

After completing 2 years of apprenticeship, and 4 years of study at OCOM, I completed my clinical studies at the Nanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (NUTCM) in Nanjing, China. At the NUTCM, I practiced in three of the seven affiliated hospitals and received specialized training in herbal medicine and acupuncture. At the conclusion of the NUTCM program, I was invited to conduct future research studies at the NUTCM.

Upon completing my studies and returning to the US, I received my Master’s degree in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (MAcOM). Shortly thereafter, I became board-certified in acupuncture, Chinese medical theory, biomedicine, and Chinese herbology. I am now a licensed acupuncturist, board-certified herbalist, and Diplomate of Oriental Medicine (DiplOM).

With more than half of my life spent as an acupuncture patient, I strive to not only make my treatments the most effective, but I also strive to create an environment where you feel completely safe and comfortable. I know firsthand how important that is.

Karly Bannister, LAc
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What Karly’s Patients Say

In December of 2010, I had my first experience with Karly and her treatments. Having suffered from a frozen shoulder for 10 months and having already gone the traditional route of MRI, therapy, etc., Karly treated me with amazing results. I left her facility with total movement in my shoulder and arm, and it has been that way ever since! Thank you, Karly!

– Constance Angus


Dedicated, Passionate & Kind


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