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Keahi Health Patient Portal

The Keahi Health Patient Portal

We love being able to offer you a secure and convenient patient portal. Our medical software, Dr Chrono, has created OnPatient to provide an easy way to manage your personal health information. OnPatient enables you to quickly schedule appointments, fill out your new patient paperwork, update your medical information, securely communicate with your healthcare provider, review your health history information, and instantly access your medical records.

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Best Book on Chinese Medicine

Best Book on Chinese Medicine

Keahi Health Recommended Supplements

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Doterra Essential Oils

DoTerra Essential Oils

Floracopeia Essential Oils

Floracopeia Essential Oils

Isagenix Protein Shakes

High Quality Protein Shakes


Karly’s Favorite Form of Exercise

CDC - What is Sleep Hygeine

Sleep Hygeine

Harvard Health Publication

Harvard Health Publication

Binaural Beats

Binaural Beats for Relaxation