Vibrate for Health!

Patients and friends have been excited about all the anti-aging and weight loss research I’ve been doing and all of the products that I’ve found. A lot of you are like me and want to use natural methods as long as possible. Enter vibration plates! This is not necessarily what you’d expect to be anti-aging but it is! It's pro-health [...]

Anti-Aging with LED/Red Light Therapy

Happy Friday, beautiful souls! It’s been so long since I’ve been inspired to post and I am so happy to be back! I want to share with you my new anti-aging device, the Dr. Dennis Gross DRx SpectraLite FaceWare Pro Masque LED. A patient came in whom I hadn’t seen since before COVID-19. Her skin looked amazing and healthy [...]

I had a “gut feeling.”

We can all relate to how emotions affect our bodies. Just think about the last job interview you had and the pit you felt in the bottom of your stomach or the sweat collecting on your forehead. You weren’t exercising; you were anxious. Or think about the time when you decided not to buy those jeans because the deal [...]

Just Breathe!

The Chinese sages considered the nutrition provided by air through breathing even more vital to health and longevity than that provided by food and water through digestion. We can (although I don’t recommend it), survive for weeks without food, but only minutes without air. Want to try breathing correctly? Let’s do this fun exercise. Go ahead and find a [...]

I don’t have a gender-bias

I was not a “cool” kid in school. I didn’t sit at the popular table. Yes, I played varsity sports but I was also in school plays, Key Club, Mock Trial, and Speech Team. I didn’t have an Acura Integra (the car of choice at my high school) and I definitely didn’t get invited to parties. Which is why [...]

Different foods for different seasons

How do you eat for the seasons? Why should I try? Well, the Chinese philosophy is that human beings are part of nature and just like nature is affected by the changes that occur with the seasons (plants turn to seeds, bears hibernate, etc), humans are also affected by changes in nature. So, for optimal health, the theory is [...]

Tea is not just a drink

In Chinese culture, it is also used as an herbal medicine. The ancient texts describe the healthiest seasonal drinking habits: “In summer drink green tea, winter black tea and in Spring and Autumn, flower teas.”  You can think of it this way: in the Summer, the weather is generally hot and green tea is cooling in nature. In the [...]

There’s a food for “that”!

In Chinese philosophy, all foods have a particular action on the body. I kid with my patients that there is usually a point, an herb, or a food for “that.” (Just like the joke, “there’s an app for that.”) Anyway, with this belief, the Chinese have been able to utilize food as medicine for thousands of years! In fact, [...]

Digestion feeling “off”?

What do you do if your digestion just feels “off?” Maybe you’ve had too much cold water or you went a little frozen-yogurt happy at the new self-serve joint. Or maybe you have a sniffle and cough that won’t go away or you’ve been a little too friendly with the latrine of late. Think about ginger. Ginger, known in [...]

Got a crick in your neck?

Have you ever woken up with a stiff neck or a “crick in your neck?” All you can think of is, “I must have slept wrong!” Well, even though this type of pain is usually short-lived, there is something that you can do to loosen those neck muscles. Luo Zhen to the rescue! This wonderful point literally means “Stiff [...]


Gou Qi Zi (go chee zuh), also known as the Wolf Berry, Lycium berry, or Goji berry, this fruit has been gaining world-wide attention for its antioxidant properties. However, it has been used for thousands of years by the Chinese for its anti-aging attributes. It Nourishes the Liver and the Kidney Yin and the Liver Blood while also Replenishing the [...]


In Chinese philosophy, everything has meaning. Some patients will sheepishly ask, “For the past 6 years, I’ve woken up at 3am. What does that mean? Or other patients will say, “I have eczema, asthma, and digestive issues. Does that make sense?” It’s almost as if I’m a walking commercial for acupuncture. Instead of saying, “There’s an app for that” [...]


Did you know that flowers aren’t just beautiful to look at? They are actually good for the health of your eyes as well! Chrysanthemum flower, Ju Hua in Mandarin, has cooling and nourishing effects on the eyes. Drinking chrysanthemum tea can help to relieve headaches, fevers, and the common cold (with sore throat and fever). Chrysanthemum is also used [...]


You may look and feel silly, but bouncing and shaking actually helps to reset your central nervous system and increases the circulation of the feel-good neurotransmitter, serotonin. Just think about it: what does a dog do after experiencing a stressful situation? He shakes and then he is able to move on with his life! We have an exercise in [...]

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