A good facial is healing, beautifying and extremely relaxing. You end up glowing and your skin feels amazing, what is it that makes up an excellent facial? What are the steps that make a facial stand out above the rest?

Shelly Hopple is an esthetician who I believe may be one of the best in the business, I took some time to discover the process she uses to deliver the ultimate facial.


Step 1: Setting the Stage

A good facial starts with a general review of your current emotional state of mind. This means discussing changes in medications, life stresses and if anything that is concerning you about your skin since your last facial.

Once the stage is set it is time to put on a spa wrap and snuggle into a heated memory-foam bed.

Step 2: The Skin Cleanse

The skin cleanse is performed to wash away oils, dirt and makeup. While cleansing, Shelly feels the texture of your skin to see where the issues or problem areas are.

A bright light is used on your face to visually assess redness, rash, broken capillaries, pigment and other signs of aging and damage. This visual and tactile analysis gives Shelly the information she needs to decide what level of enzyme peel to use, what mask to apply afterwards and if your skin would benefit from LED or is healthy enough to receive microdermabrasion.

It also helps Shelly to see if any areas of your skin should be assessed by a doctor.

Step 3: The Enzyme Peel

The enzyme peel uses natural acids to gently exfoliate and remove dead skin cells while helping to unclog your pores, fade pigment and lessen the depth of wrinkles. This leaves your skin softer and ready to soak up the moisture mask that comes next. While the peel is doing its thing, you receive a relaxing scalp massage.

Step 4: Facial Massage and Mask

After the peel, the next step is a soothing, cool lotion and a massage of the muscles in the face. This will relieve sinus pressure and lessen any puffiness… plus send you off into dreamland as you relax even further.

She then applies a mask that aids in moisturizing, reducing acne and removing unwanted pigmentation.

Step 5: Massage

While your mask soothes and heals, Shelly takes some time to massage your arms, hands, décolletage, shoulders, upper back and neck to soothe any remaining aches and pains.

Step 6: Toning and Calming

The next step is a toner which is used to bring the pH levels back to zen. Aloe vera is applied for extra calming, followed by a moisturizer to make your skin feel soft, smooth and youthful once again.

Step 7: Furthering the Treatment

If you need a little extra attention she can do L.E.D. light therapy after the facial. This further reduces acne, dark spots and builds collagen for additional youthfulness.

Skin Care Portland L.E.D. light therapy Portland

Regular facials – best done every 3 to 6 weeks – actually slow down the aging process. Your skin can be as soft and youthful as it was when you were a teenager and the process is relaxing, calming and an important addition to any self-care routine.

If this sounds too good to pass up, Shelly offers an initial free consult, call 503-888-9648 or go to Schedule Now Here

For this month only, Shelly is offering her Pumpkin Peel Facial to Keahi Health patients for only $85, usually $105!

This facial is just divine, exfoliating away summer skin damage and plumping your skin with an anti-aging moisturizing mask. You also get a hand, arm, face, scalp and upper back massage.

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