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Tips for Staying Healthy with Chinese Medicine


In Chinese medicine, if we harmonize our behavior with the transitions in the seasons we will experience optimum health. But in our fast-paced, globalized world, many of us have lost the ability to be flexible with what nature gives us. For example; in the past, we would only have seasonal produce available. Nature would [...]

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I had a “gut feeling.” Tip #13


We can all relate to how emotions affect our bodies. Just think about the last job interview you had and the pit you felt in the bottom of your stomach or the sweat collecting on your forehead. You weren’t exercising; you were anxious. Or think about the time when you decided not to buy [...]

I had a “gut feeling.” Tip #132018-10-26T08:24:06+00:00

Just Breathe! Tip #12


The Chinese sages considered the nutrition provided by air through breathing even more vital to health and longevity than that provided by food and water through digestion. We can (although I don’t recommend it), survive for weeks without food, but only minutes without air. Want to try breathing correctly? Let’s do this fun exercise. [...]

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Schedule your daily life according to the seasons: Tip #11


Schedule your daily life according to the seasons for the best health. Just listen to the legendary and world-renowned Chinese philosopher, Sun Si Miao: “One who is good at preserving life gets up and goes to bed at a timetable adjusted to different seasons, and maintains a strict regimen in daily life.” 581-682 AD. [...]

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I don’t have a gender-bias


I was not a “cool” kid in school. I didn’t sit at the popular table. Yes, I played varsity sports but I was also in school plays, Key Club, Mock Trial, and Speech Team. I didn’t have an Acura Integra (the car of choice at my high school) and I definitely didn’t get invited [...]

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Different foods for different seasons: Tip #10


How do you eat for the seasons? Why should I try? Well, the Chinese philosophy is that human beings are part of nature and just like nature is affected by the changes that occur with the seasons (plants turn to seeds, bears hibernate, etc), humans are also affected by changes in nature. So, for [...]

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Tea is not just a drink: Tip #9


In Chinese culture, it is also used as an herbal medicine. The ancient texts describe the healthiest seasonal drinking habits: “In summer drink green tea, winter black tea and in Spring and Autumn, flower teas.”  You can think of it this way: in the Summer, the weather is generally hot and green tea is [...]

Tea is not just a drink: Tip #92018-10-26T08:38:27+00:00

There’s a food for “that”! Tip # 8


In Chinese philosophy, all foods have a particular action on the body. I kid with my patients that there is usually a point, an herb, or a food for “that.” (Just like the joke, “there’s an app for that.”) Anyway, with this belief, the Chinese have been able to utilize food as medicine for [...]

There’s a food for “that”! Tip # 82018-10-26T08:26:00+00:00

Don’t Let Motion Sickness Ruin Your Vacation! Tip #7


This is the season when you can start planning your vacations! Hopefully, you’re checking your calendar to see when you can get away for some rest and relaxation. Before you go, make sure that you are familiar with this point for nausea: Nei Guan, Inner Gate, Pericardium 6, or PC 6. Several studies support [...]

Don’t Let Motion Sickness Ruin Your Vacation! Tip #72018-10-26T08:25:54+00:00